Pills and Supplements to Lose Weight? Good Idea or Bad?

exerciseIf you’ve been struggling trying to lose weight, one thing you might be considering is whether or not you should take some sort of weight loss pill or other dietary supplement that will help you drop those extra pounds.

While it may seem like a good idea, and certainly all of the marketing for these products makes it seem like an easy choice, the real issue is a lot more complicated.

Here are a few thoughts to consider.

Nothing Can Replace Diet and Exercise

Unfortunately, many people take weight loss pills in an attempt to lose weight without changing their lifestyle first. The reality is that when it comes to weight loss techniques, the best strategy you can use is what just about every health expert will tell you: eat right, and exercise consistently.

There is absolutely nothing in this world that can replace the benefits of daily exercise. While the US Surgeon General provides activity guidelines, the main point is clear: get up off of the couch and out of the office and move more. It’s that simple. Even if it’s just to go out for 20 minute walk every day, that one simple change will begin to alter your body’s chemistry, and you will start to burn more calories and begin to lose weight.

Couple a consistent exercise routine with healthy eating, and it’s a one-two punch that can’t fail, so before you try any pill, make sure you’ve seriously attempted to lose weight without it.

If You Take A Pill, Go Natural

If you do decide you want to take a pill, I encourage you to do so only in conjunction with exercise. The best products are those designed to supplement gains made through exercise and healthy eating, not replace them.

There are some good all natural products, like Athletic Greens, that can be used to help speed up the process of losing weight, if they are taken in conjunction with a rigorous exercise and diet program.

Read more about Athletic Greens at Knolpad, and be sure to consult a physician or health professional about your individual needs before adopting any programs for yourself.

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