Weight Training Exercise Tips To Stay Fit

weight trainingWhether you’re trying to lose weight or maintain a strong physique, one of the most overlooked areas of health and fitness is weight training.

For many people, weight training exercises have the stereotype of being only for people who are looking to “bulk up” or train for a specific athletic event. What they don’t realize is that there are many different types of weight training, and there are a lot of great exercises to help you train even if you don’t want to become a bodybuilder.

Dead Lift Weights

The best and probably the most common way to weight train for the purpose of maintaining fitness or building strength is to use traditional dead lift weights.

This class of weight training includes your standard dumbbells and bench press bars, and with just a few weights you can find you’ll be able to exercise every muscle in your body. It’s great for economy and results!

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Consider Kettlebell Workouts

Another type of weight training you might want to consider is the use of a kettlebell. Kettlebells are small spherical weights with a handle on them, which allows you to have the benefits of a medicine ball with easier grip for more robust activity.

Kettle bell exercises can be easily varied to account for different skill levels and workout routines, and are great for adding a fun variety to the “standard” dumb-bell lifts.

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Using Your Own Body Weight

Finally, many people don’t realize that there are also lots of options for building and training muscles that require no equipment, and no more space than the length of a simple yoga mat!

From pushups to tricep bends, these exercises are great for keeping in shape when you’re either at home or on the road, and a few simple routines are all it takes to get a broad workout.

To up the ante a bit further, consider investing in a single resistance band, which will give you more variety for your workouts, as well as allow you to mimic the act of weight lifting, without needing to use weights!