When To Get An Eye Checkup and Visit the Optometrist

optometristHave you had your eyes checked recently?

For many Americans, optometry is one of the areas of their physical health that often goes unchecked. It isn’t a major part of most annual physicals, and individuals tend not to seek out an optometrist and go have their eyes checked until their vision becomes noticeably worse.

The problem is, by this point, you may have inadvertently damaged your eyes even further, by not looking for solutions to problems before they become an issue.

Recommendations for Kids

For children, having regular checkups with an optometrist in your area is an important part of your annual or bi-annual physical.

Indeed, for many children, these visits are encouraged by local schools, and parents ensure that the visits happen. It is at this stage when people with chronic eye problems have their conditions diagnoses, and can properly find the right eyeglasses for them.

Recommendations for Young Adults

Young adults, on the other hand, rarely seek out routine eye examinations or physicals. For many, this is ok, as long as there is no noticeable difference in their current vision, and they haven’t experienced any eye trauma that would otherwise cause a problem.

If you were diagnosed with a poor eye condition as a child, however, bi-annual checkups to adjust and fine tune lens requirements is still a good idea.

For those reluctant to get glasses as young adults, keep in mind there are many designer eye wear options to choose from.

Recommendations for Middle Aged Adults

When adults reach middle age, their vision begins to change. This is true both for individuals who have worn glasses or contacts their entire lives, and those with previously excellent vision.

Typically, vision begins to wear and become noticeably inhibited in “stressed” environments, such as reading fine print in low light.

This is the first sign that your vision is beginning to change, and you should begin a new program of visiting an optometrist for routine checkups.

Recommendations for Seniors

For senior citizens, routine eye examinations are even more important, especially if the individual continues to drive or engage in other similar activities.

Needing to gradually increase prescription strength as one ages is normal, but it is all too often neglected, leading to ever worsening eye conditions for those afflicted.

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